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Final Fantasy XII spin-off leaked

Video of Western-developed FFXII spin-off appears

A video of Square Enix's long-rumoured Western-developed Final Fantasy game has appeared on the internet - and supposedly it's still in development.

According to the leaked video's description, Final Fantasy 'Fortress', as it's codenamed, was in development at Bionic Commando dev, Grin, but work has since been switched to an unnamed developer.

"The project has not been officially announced yet, but its existence is known due to information leaked by former members of the development team and sources in the video game industry," reads the video description.

"It is an action game set some time after the events of FINAL FANTASY XII: REVENANT WINGS, and is intended for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows platforms."

We've left a message with Square Enix. It looks pretty good. What do you think?