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MS: Natal can help revive Japanese industry

Company says new motion sensing tech will let Japanese devs "leverage their creativity"

Japanese developers hoping to revive the domestic industry should be embracing Project Natal instead of looking to create the next Call Of Duty or Halo, according to Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg.

"Japan is a very important market for the gaming industry and home to some of the video game industry's leading innovators," the Xbox director of product management told Destructoid. "I have spent a lot of time in Japan in the ten years I have been on the Xbox business and I love the country, the people and their ability to create new experiences that could only come from Japan.

"The reality of the Japanese gaming market is that it is not the size it once was and at the same time we have seen gaming become the largest form of entertainment around the world. However," he added, "I don't think this means that Japanese creators should be trying to come up with the next Halo or Call Of Duty. I think there are ways to leverage their creativity with new tools like Project Natal."

Japanese games revenues fell 6.9 per cent last year and Capcom's Keiji Inafune said at the Tokyo Game Show that "Japan is over". Not so, according to Greenberg.

"... All of the leading Japanese publishers have announced that they are actively working on games for Project Natal and I can't wait to see these come to life. I truly believe the future is bright for Japanese creators and publishers."

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