God Of War 3 hands-on impressions

'As technically marvellous as it is bloody good fun', says PSM3

PSM3 has got its hands on Sony's long-awaited God Of War 3 - and juding by the teaser preview in the lastest issue, it's going to be worth waiting for.

In a comparison hands-on with EA's Dante's Inferno, PSM3 says that the game is 'as technically marvellous as it is bloody good fun' adding that 'every aspect feels polished, epic and addictive'.

Elsewhere in the mag's head-to-head (it won't surprise you to hear that GoW 'marginally' wins), PSM3 reveals more about the meat of the title.

It scores visuals at 5/5, revealing that 'The big boss's (literally) eye-popping detail lays any graphical doubts to rest... Kratos himself is ripped with finely detailed scratches and scars'.

Gore gets a 4/5 judgement. The mag reveals: 'One seriously nasty section had us rip the eyeball from the socket of a Cyclops, with no sickening detail spared. In another, Kratos tears the head from a screaming soldier.'

But it's the environment that's got CVG's mouth watering. PSM3 says: 'From fiery chariots burning through the skies to freakish winged things gliding menacingly overhead, it all feels part of a hellishly intricate ancient Greek universe.'

Sony released some tasty screenshots for the game earlier today.

You can read the full preview in this month's PSM3, which you can have delivered to your door here.