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A Boy And His Blob 2 incoming?

WayForward would like to make a sequel

WayForward has told ONM that a follow-up to A Boy And His Blob 'would be amazing.'

In an interview that appears in issue 52 of Official Nintendo Magazine, producer Sean Velasco revealed his plans for the future.

"Personally, I want to make a few small and crazy titles next. Maybe some downloadable games? Another A Boy And His Blob game would also be amazing as the first one was such a great experience.

"WayForward always has its heart in 2D. We are always expanding our horizons, but I would expect to see innovation, great characters, awesome game design and the loving attention to detail that we are known for."

You can read more from Velasco on the making of A Boy And His Blob in the new ONM which is on sale now.