Perfect Dark XBLA just the beginning - Rare

Live offers 'no shortage of possibilities for our old franchises', studio tells CVG

Rare has told CVG that there are 'no shortage of possibilities' to remake more of its classic games for Xbox Live Arcade - as it finishes porting Perfect Dark onto the platform.

According to the developer, the XBLA version of PD is currently being 'polished' by Dundee's 4J Studios.

An official release date is yet to be nailed, but sources point to the game arriving in February.


Rare's studio head Mark Betteridge told CVG this week:

"Perfect Dark will be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade in the next few months, polished up by 4J Studios with improved textures and framerate, Leaderboards and Achievements, and of course online multiplayer.

"We know there are a lot of people looking forward to that. There's nothing to announce yet after Perfect Dark, but we've got over 25 years of IP to dip into so there's no shortage of possibilities."

I think that's what they call 'wetting the whistle'.

Betteridge told us last week that Rare would consider licensing more of its characters to third party titles in future.