Alien Vs Predator pre-order packs revealed

Three packs, three retailers, plenty of pictures inside

Sega has revealed some sweet pre-order-only packs for Alien Vs Predator (via a convoluted batch of emails).

First up is the Hunter Edition, which'll be exclusive to HMV, and includes the Alien Vs Predator game in steelbook packaging, a replica facehugger model, a code for four multiplayer maps - docks, outpost, machine & hive, the Weyland-Yutani material patch and a 3D lenticular postcard. That's £59.99.

Play-exclusive MP skin - SGT Kaneko

Second is the Survivor Edition, which comes packs the Alien Vs Predator game in a steelbook packaging along with the four multiplayer maps for £54.99. That's exclusive to Game.

And if you head over to Play and slap down your pre-order you'll get the game with a multiplayer character skin pack for £39.99.