AvP Classic 2000 gets widescreen patch

Classic shooter cheap and now in widescreen

Steam has sent word that the promised patch has been relesed for AvP Classic 2000 that adds widescreen support and a few other new features.

The patch also adds an option to use unlimited save games, new high-resolution timer code and a frame-rate lock (thanks Blues).

Here's the full list of fixes:

  • Proper widescreen support. Previously the game allowed non-4:3 video modes (e.g. 1920x1080) but just rendered a stretched 4:3 image. Now the game renders at the correct aspect ratio (e.g. 5:4, 16:9, 16:10), with the vertical field-of-view remaining fixed and the horizontal field-of-view changing accordingly. (i.e. 16:9 modes now render more to the sides than a 4:3 mode).
  • By popular demand, added an 'unlimitedsaves' command line option. By launching the game with -unlimitedsaves in the command line, players can now save as many times as they like, rather than being restricted to a set number of saves per level.
  • Replaced timer code with a new high-resolution version for improved accuracy.
  • Frame-rate now locks to a maximum of 120 to fix gameplay issues when running at very high rates (e.g. when vsync is disabled).
  • Mouse sensitivity/accuracy improvements for mice with a high poll rate.
  • Fix for invalid characters in device name in video resolution menu causing rendering problems.
  • Fix for crash on machines without a sound card / where the sound drivers are invalid (Game will now run correctly with no sound).

Did anyone pick this up? Is it as good as you remember?