Peter Jackson lovin' Modern Warfare more than films

Lord Of The Rings man more and more interested in doing games

Famous New Zeland movie man Peter Jackson has been talking about how awesome Modern Warfare 2 is and how he's getting on with WingNut Games.

In an interview with 'Ain't It Cool News (though they should have been talking about The Lovely Bones), Jackson talked about playing the game with his son, "He went through the whole game I think about twice and I am almost through two player co-op, though I haven't quite reached the last level, but then we had to hit the road traveling, so we've had a break.

"It is hard, I know, and to get to that final level, which is what? Echo is it? Bill and I have still got to crack through a lot of things to open up that one level, but it's a great game. I'm enjoying these games more than I am enjoying films at the moment."

High praise indeed. The chat moves onto killing off lead characters and games using more and more cinematic techniques.

"They are starting to really blend them in and you get the feeling that you are watching substantial bits of prerecorded animation which is still great, though, because they are dynamic and done well," he said. "They didn't used to be done very well in the old days, but there are people that actually know what they are doing."

On the subject of WingNut Games, Jackson revealed, "At the moment I am kind of involved with a Tintin game and obviously the beginning of The Hobbit game, so those two in terms of the gaming at the moment with all of the other scripts we are working on at the moment, those are the gaming things we are focusing on."

What do you think readers? Should Jackson do more games than films? And what did you think of The Lovely Bones?