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The Grinder will use MotionPlus

More on High Voltage's follow up to The Conduit

The Grinder will make use of Wii MotionPlus, according to a report in Nintendo Power magazine.

High Voltage developed the disappointing Conduit last year, but its next Wii game promises Left 4 Dead-style zombie blasting.


Nintendo Power (via GoNintendo) reveals that the game is set on an alternate version of Earth and has you taking control of a group of four characters.

There's a doctor called Doc (how imaginative), a Mexican bounty hunter named Hector, Japanese assasin Miko and AJ, the only survivor of an attack on her social group.

The game supports two-player co-op and you can team up with a friend in the same room or online.

There's no UK release date yet, but you can read loads more about the game in ONM's Grinder preview here.