Napoleon: Total War gets "much requested" mode

Campaign to feature single and multiplayer modes, Sega reveals

Sega's announced that for the first time in the series, Napoleon: Total War's Campaign Mode is set to feature both single player and multiplayer modes. Fans, go mental.

The "much-requested" mode will allow players to experience the full depth of Napoleon: Total War in a multiplayer environment, says Sega, either working to stop Napoleon's advance or competing against each other to better his achievements.


Each of the three theatres of war from Napoleon's career - Italy, Egypt and Europe - will be available out of the box in 2 player turn-based online games.

Another multiplayer addition to Napoleon is drop-in battles, which the publisher says will bring "a fresh challenge to the single player campaign mode by allowing the players opponents to be controlled in real-time by an online adversary."

Creative Assembly's Mike Simpson said: "Following all the great feedback we've had from our fans for the Empire Multiplayer Campaign Beta, we're proud to announce that all three campaigns in Napoleon: Total War will be multiplayer enabled. We'd like to thank our fans for all their support."
Napoleon: Total War is out on February 23.