Demon's Souls UK release still not certain

3D Dot Heroes publisher SouthPeak unable to nab other Atlus hit for Europe

Southpeak last week announced it was bringing Atlus' awesome 3D Dot Game Heroes to Europe. So will it also bring Atlus' other import hit, Demon's Souls to our shores?

Unfortunately not, says Southpeak's European marketing manager, Ed Blincoe. "Since announcing [3D Dot Game Heroes] we've had a lot of questions about Demon's Souls because - like 3D Dot Game Heroes - it's published by Atlus in North America and people have started making connections," said Blincoe.

"However the truth is that Atlus only has the North American rights for the game, unlike 3D Dot Game Heroes where Atlus also has the PAL rights, which means that although we're working together on 3DDGH the same partnership isn't possible for Demon's Souls," he explained.

3DDGH should do the trick though, he says: "We've been interested in 3D Dot Game Heroes since it was first announced by FromSoftware last year. We thought it looked like absolutely nothing else out there and, being fans of retro gaming, we knew the classic gameplay would appeal to a wide spectrum of gamers both young and old."

3DDGH looks awesome, by the way. Check the screenshots right here.