Silent Hill dev: On-rail shooters died with Dreamcast

Climax explain why Dead Space Wii and Darkside Chronicles didn't sell...

The lead designer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has told ONM that there is a good reason why games such as Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space extraction didn't sell big numbers on the Wii - because the genre died with Dreamcast.

Responding to recent claims from Capcom and Sega employees suggesting that Wii owners don't want to play Wii games, Climax's Sam Barlow said "Without badmouthing people, a lot of the games they've been complaining about are rail shooters and a rail shooter wouldn't have sold no matter what platform you put it on because it's a rail shooter and that's a niche genre that had its heyday back in the Dreamcast."

For Climax, there is still a market for mature games on the Wii. "Ultimately the way we looked at it was that there's a huge audience who own Wiis," said Barlow.

"We own Wiis and we know that amongst that audience there is a sub-sect who love dark stories, love thrillers, mysteries and horror movies and so the development [of Shattered memories] was all about removing the obstacles to those people enjoying this game.

"If they really enjoy a good horror story, they should enjoy this so we've tried to create a product that has broad appeal but does something really good and unique," he said.

You can read the full interview with Climax on ONM next week.