Heavy Rain 'not written for tabloids or censorship'

Quantic Dream's David Cage not worried what censors think of game

David Cage, the creative mind behind Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, insists he didn't write the PS3-exclusive thriller with tabloids or censorship in mind.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Cage said: "When you write something or you develop a project like Heavy Rain, you don't write for tabloids. You don't wonder what censorship will think of it, because otherwise you'd never do anything."

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He goes on to defend the game's more explicit scenes, previously noted in detail by US ratings board ESRB: "The game is not shocking for the sake of being shocking. There are some impressive scenes later in the game, but there's never sex for the sake of sex or gore for the sake of gore.

"Nothing is gratuitous, and I think that everything supports the narrative and the emotional immersion of the player," added Cage.

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