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Capcom's Xbox game announcement is...

Monster Hunter: Frontier Online

Remember that Xbox 360 game announcement Capcom promised this week? Well it's a port of PC MMO, Monster Hunter: Frontier Online. Sorry.

The 2007 online game will be released on Xbox 360 this summer in Japan, says Capcom, with a closed beta test planned to kick off in May.


Xbox Live Gold members will need to pay 1,400 Yen (£9.60) a month after picking the game up, and there are early plans to have PC players able to play alongside their console brethren.

There's no word on a Western release yet but we're about to pick up the blower.

UPDATE: Capcom gave CVG the following statement: "Monster Hunter Frontier is an online multiplayer action RPG currently only available in Japan and other Asian territories. Originally released in 2007 for the PC, it has now been confirmed that Monster Hunter Frontier will be released in Japan on the Xbox 360. As yet the title has not been confirmed for release in Europe or North America."

Via Kotaku