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Climax wants more Silent Hill

UK dev happy to keep on working with Konami's series

Climax, the UK-based studio behind Konami's recent Silent Hill: Shattered Memories title has said it would like to continue working with Konami's IPs.

In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, Sam Barlow, lead designer on Shattered Memories, said, "We've always loved working on the series. Since Origins we've spent a lot of time with the series. For us we felt we've put our stamp on the series with Shattered Memories so we'd love the opportunity to do another one."

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Game director Mark Simmons also wants the gig: "I think this is the first Silent Hill since one or two where people are saying it has its own identity and people are responding to it really well so it would be great to take that further."

It's up to you though, the people who buy games. What do you think? Have they done enough?