BioWare already working on Mass Effect 3

And "a few" PS3 titles in development, says Muzyka

BioWare is already working on Mass Effect 3, co-boss Ray Muzyka has confirmed.

Speaking to CVG in London yesterday, Muzyka wasn't keen to discuss comments made earlier this month that the third game could arrive as soon as late 2011.

"I don't think we've announced the timing for the third one yet but I can tell you the team's already working on it," he said.

"Our goal is to get it out in a time frame that can maximise the quality for our fans, maximise the commercial success for the company and just make sure we do the right thing overall for the long term for the franchise."

Of course part of the reason for the second game not appearing on PlayStation 3 was its two year development cycle. Muzyka wouldn't comment on Mass Effect 3's target platforms, but said BioWare is working on the PS3.

"I can tell you that on PlayStation 3 we're working on a few titles right now and also a few titles on Xbox 360," he said. "We haven't revealed any details on what those titles are yet but I think both platforms are very powerful."

Mass Effect 2 is on sale from today. Check out our Mass Effect 2 review, if you haven't already.