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Project Natal a 'paradigm shift' - Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed publisher talks motion control

Ubisoft has called Microsoft's Project Natal a 'paradigm shift' for gaming - and confirmed that it has ten games in creation for the Xbox 360 peripheral.

Speaking to TechRadar, Ubisoft UK MD Rob Cooper said that motion controllers could be a huge boost to expanding games' audience - but only if they become accepted by the average punter.

"Perhaps the most crucial factor to a paradigm shift in new motion control schemes are whether all audiences accept it to ensure profitability," said Cooper.

"The game controller has been and is still the accepted input amongst core gaming audiences, so we need to ensure they accept these new forms of input, too. Microsoft has iterated on Nintendo's offering with Project Natal in introducing a paradigm shift, and Ubisoft is supporting Natal with over ten products in development."

What about you, readers? Reckon you'll be more 'flailing arms' than 'joypad bashing' in a decade?