Dante's Inferno takes on the Super Bowl

30-second ad expected to be seen by 100 million viewers

EA has said that it will air a 30-second advert for Dante's Inferno at the upcoming Super Bowl, which is expected to be watched by 100 million viewers.

The ad will air during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIV, due to take place on Feb. 7, just ahead of the game's US release. Being the fourth quarter, most of those 100 million will be blind drunk or in the toilet, possibly both.

"Even within the spectrum of live sports events, the Super Bowl stands apart, almost as a national holiday," said Frank Gibeau, president at EA. "The Super Bowl is a bull's-eye in terms of cross-over to our core demographic and the reach is outstanding. Not only does it draw 100M viewers, but most people watch the Super Bowl live, a rarity in the world of DVRs.

"While digital outreach to Facebook, Twitter, and online bloggers is a core part of our marketing strategy, we felt that advertising during the Super Bowl is an excellent way to introduce this new game to a massive cross-section of people who are likely already familiar with the Divine Comedy. Inspired by a classic, but perfect for today's action gamer. This is entertainment at its best."

Any Super Bowl fans out there? Will you still be up by the fourth quarter.