Sega launches motion control console

Surely it's not that easy Sega?

Sega is preparing to launch another one of its one-off, mini-consoles that seem to do pretty well, except this one's a little different to the rest - it's got built in motion control. Looks familiar too...

Dubbed Sega Zone you get 20 classic Sega titles, like Alex Kid, Golden Axe, Sonic and Knuckles and Ecco the Dolphin and a further 30 titles, 16 being of the motion controlled variety, reports ,Pocket Lint

"Users will be able to control the action via two included wireless remote controls and when not playing Sega titles be able to play the usual array of sports classics like table tennis, darts, fencing, beach volleyball, and golf by waving the controller in front of the screen as they do with the Nintendo console," reports the site.


Sega Zone is due April for around fifty quid. What do you think? Has it got a chance against the big boys?