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PSPgo getting re-launch, price cut?

Sony reportedly planning to "rekindle some sort of excitement over the handheld"

Sony may be planning to re-launch the PSPgo with a new marketing blitz and price cut.

"Someone close to Sony" told Gamervision that the rumoured re-launch "is imminent", with the platform holder keen "to rekindle some sort of excitement over the handheld".

The site also speculates that further news could come from GDC in March.

While US and European PSPgo sales data has been hard to come by since launch, the portable definitely hasn't been an overwhelming success in Japan. While the older PSP-3000 regularly tops the weekly hardware chart, PSPgo has been rooted at the bottom of the pile for ages now, moving just a couple of thousand units a week on average, which is less than PS2 and Xbox 360.

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