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Exclusive video, compos and office banter to come...

Are you a fan of CVG? Have you ever in our prestigious brand's 29 year history chuckled at a review or left an abusive comment on a news thread? Then you owe it to us and yourself to join the CVG Facebook fan page!

Kicking off the first part of our ambitious community plans, in the coming weeks our Facebook fan page will be home to exclusive insight, videos and competitions - plus top secret word on what's going on inside our ever-so-exciting London office.


We'll also be bringing our Facebook fans some very exciting - and much requested - content in the form of covers and content from old CVG magazine. We've got some excellent old Speccy adverts we're dieing to show you - and soon we will.

Soon your Facebook comments will also been included in our world famous This Week in Comments regular, so make sure you're every bit as witty and borderline sexist on our social network pages as you are here on CVG.

For now why not make yourself a fan, post up some comments and have a look at the treasure trove of random CVG photos that adorn our fan page.

We look forward to seeing you there.