Quantum Theory slips

Tecmo's Gears Of War-alike third-person shooter no longer coming next month

Tecmo Koei has delayed the launch of its 360 and PS3 third-person shooter Quantum Theory.

Just two week ago the publisher told CVG that the Gears Of War-alike game would be hitting UK stores on March 26, but it has now been pushed to TBA 2010.

"We can confirm that Quantum Theory has been moved to later in 2010," the company told Edge. "We feel the game deserves optimum development time, and we aim to deliver the very best title we can. We are still thoroughly committed to Quantum Theory and this short delay can only make for a stronger, more entertaining game."

Edge recently went to Tokyo to check out the title, and reports that the 70 per cent complete PS3 build it played needed a lot of polish as it was suffering from AI and framerate issues. Hopefully the decision to delay the game will ensure it's up to scratch when it does release later this year.

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