Dante's Inferno review scores trickle out

Early verdicts for PS3/360/PSP title are very promising

We're not allowed to give our full verdict on EA and Visceral's Dante's Inferno until tomorrow (boo!). But we can tell you what some leaked early reviews have said (hurrah!) - and we're pleased to report that the story so far is a positive one.

According to ads for the game appearing online, lads' mag Loaded has called the title "incredibly impressive".

Other early reviews are equally positive, suggesting that those who dismissed this one as a poor man's God Of War may be in for quite a shock.

The title's due for release this Friday (February 5th) on Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP - and, as we've previously revealed, contains some pretty risque content.


The Guardian's Dante's Inferno review backs that point up. The paper gives the game 4/5, and reports: 'Dante's Inferno's most impressive aspect is its art direction and character design, although be warned: it won't be to all tastes.

'The scriptwriter and character designers have credits for films including the Hellboy and Hellraiser series on their CVs, which shows, and there's a pervasive undercurrent of gothic soft porn: the boss in the Lust circle, for example, is a giant naked houri who spews babies equipped with hands replaced by blades from her right nipple.'

(Those worried about the game offering nothing but low-brow culture need not worry though: EA is giving Dante fans the chance to win a break for two in historic Florence over at the game's dedicated site.)

According to today's online ad, Play Gamer scores the title 9/10, praising its 'mouth-watering set pieces'.

360 Magazine weighs in with a 4/5 score, calling the game 'highly polished and expertly presented'.

Of course, CVG's definitive review is the one you really need to read before you make up your mind. Mike's been giving this one some serious time - and will have his verdict up tomorrow...

Meanwhile, anyone getting this day one?