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Mass Effect 2 sex video arrives

Nobody tell Fox News, okay?

Obvious spoiler territory for those who haven't completed Mass Effect 2 yet - here's a video one of the possible sex scenes found in BioWare's RPG.

There was some curiosity over how BioWare would treat nudey content in Mass Effect 2 following Fox News' moral outrage over sex scenes in the original.

So have they been treated any differently? Not at all, as our video shows.

Oh, and apologies in advance for our battered looking Shepard. That's what happens when you play with a full Renegade bar by punching reporters and kicking people out of windows.

As you're here, may as well read our Mass Effect 2 review while you're at it.

Not 'at it' in the same sense of the video, you understand. That might be difficult.