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Mass Effect 3 release timed to "maximise quality"

Sequel will arrive in a window that makes the most of its quality, says Muzyka

Mass Effect 3's release timing will be based on maximising both "quality" and "commercial success", says BioWare co-boss, Ray Muzyka.

Speaking to CVG in the just-published second part of our Mass Effect 2 interview, Muzyka said that despite reports to the contrary, there's no word on when BioWare's planning to release Mass Effect 3 yet.

"I don't think we've announced the timing for the third one yet but I can tell you the team's already working on it," he said.

"Our goal is to get it out in a time frame that can maximise the quality for our fans, maximise the commercial success for the company and just make sure we do the right thing overall for the long term for the franchise."

Last month series director, Casey Hudson suggested the developer is adopting a 2-year development cycle for Mass Effect 3, meaning it could release as early as late next year.

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