Armored Core 5 trailer out

... but it's only a teaser

Emphasis on the word 'teaser' as the first bit of the Amored Core 5 trailer is released in Japan.

The trailer doesn't actually offer anything in terms of features, gameplay or even in-game graphics, but as long as you feel adequately teased it's done its job.

Last month, reported on a Famitsu interview with series producer Toshifumi Nabeshima, who wanted to move away from break neck speed as the central concept in Armored Core 5.

"This time we want to retain the core aspects of what makes the series interesting - and that includes speed - and also present some new concepts that diverge from the past," he said. "We're going for the sort of violent action that only mechs can deliver."

As far as level design is concerned Nabeshima also hinted that stages would be more complicated and host smaller mechs.

"There will be a great deal more detail applied to them. We want players to experience a you-are-there feel that wasn't around before."