Head tracking, 3D for next MotoGP

Emerging tech is "long overdue" says excited lead designer

Head tracking and, for the PS3 version at least, stereoscopic 3D features are both being lined up for MotoGP 10/11 (the sequel of MGP 09/10, which Capcom will release on March 31).

Lead designer Greg Bryant told CVG: "We haven't looked into Natal yet for MotoGP 09/10, but we're definitely going to be looking into it for MGP 10/11 because I personally think the future for that application is through head tracking in racing games."

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"We did a lot of testing with other games for competitor analysis and one that came up was the classic Grand Prix Legends. You can set that up with full head tracking and a steering wheel, and it's one of the most compelling racing experiences. Now that that developers have that technology available to them we certainly want to harness that for the next iteration of the game," he told CVG.

The PS3 is in for extra treats, too. "One of the other things that I'm really excited about it that the PS3 going to support 3D technology as well. So when you combine that with the PS Eye and theoretically doing the head tracking through that. I think that's going to be absolutely awesome."

Yes, yes it will. Long way off yet, though. MGP 09/10 is looking awesome too though. See the video above, and lots of screenshots here.