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Madden 10 predicts Superbowl winner

It's the New Orleans Saints vs the Indianapolis Colts

This one's for the five NFL fans out there in the UK. EA Sports reckons that the New Orleans Saints will defeat the Indianapolis Colts, 35-31, at Super Bowl XLIV according to Madden NFL 10 on Xbox 360.

EA Sports has correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner for five out of the last six years, since the official Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation began in 2004.

Here's how it's done: "Utilizing each team's current roster and the latest player statistics, Madden NFL 10 was able to accurately predict the outcome of both the NFC and AFC Championship games within a margin of three points for each game. EA SPORTS utilized this same simulation formula to predict the outcome of Super Bowl XLIII (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals) with unprecedented accuracy - down to the final score and individual player statistics."

Anyone staying up late for it?