De Blob 2 confirmed for Wii

THQ to release sequel to brilliant Wii adventure

Amid the excitement surrounding the announcement of Saints Row and Red Faction sequels, you may have missed the news that THQ is planning a follow-up to the excellent de Blob for Wii.

Released in 2008, de Blob is one of the finest adventure games on Wii. The game puts you in charge a a Blob who bounces around Chroma City bringing back colour to his home town which has been taken over by the INKT corporation.

Official Nintendo Magazine described it as the "best Nintendo game that Nintendo never made" in their de Blob review.

We also heaped praise on the quirky Wii adventure in our de Blob review, saying "It's an inspired mix of freedom and linearity, and so neatly interwoven that it's a killer example of how to make games that players of any skill level can enjoy."