Star Trek Online Pt.2

Interview: We ask Cryptic about sequels, console versions and Warcraft

In yesterday's segment of our interview with Star Trek Online exec producer Craig Zinkievich, we asked him all about the creation of the game.

In the second and final part of our chat, we ask about the game's future - and its chances in the very competitive MMO landscape...

As well as microtransactions etc. do you expect there will be further STO 'full-scale' releases/packs to complement the game? Are you already working on these?
Much will depend on the success of STO. We would love for this game to do well not just because it will earn us money but because we're all huge Star Trek fans.

We definitely want to have free new patches and full-on new expansion packs. But like I said much will depend on the success but we would love to take this game where no game has gone before.

What would you say the real 'wow' factors in the game will be for ST nuts?
We think we'll have lots of "wow" factors for in the game for Star Trek fans and casual gamers alike.

Our episodic content really makes you feel immersed in the universe. You're not always stuck in space or on the ground. You constantly switch between both, much like the TV series and movies. Our player and ship customization really give you the feeling that you're truly unique.

The MMO space is notoriously competitive. What makes you confident that you can find your place - and keep players coming back?
That's a great question. I think it comes down to having faith in the product you made and that it's good and that fans will want to keep playing.

We have plans for what we do after launch but a lot will depend on what our community wants in the game. We think the community having a say of what they would like to see in the game will keep them coming back because that means they have a say in what goes into the game. Also there is so much lore and history in the Star Trek universe and we just feel there is still much more we can add in.

Would you consider bringing the game to console in the future? Is it even possible?
Definitely. We would love to get STO to the console. At launch it will just be available for the PC but here at Cryptic we want our games across multiple platforms.

But we'll have to see how Star Trek does and then secondly we want to do it justice and not hurry something along just to get it on the console.

Can the game become a success without the need to pinch consumers from World Of Warcraft?
We think so. It's such a huge market out there and we think we've made something that Star Trek fans and gamers alike will enjoy. Maybe some of those fans will come from WoW and maybe some will be totally new the MMO genre.

We're not trying to directly compete with WoW and if our game grows to that success then that would be awesome but for now we're just worried about getting a good game out there that people will enjoy.

Star Trek Online is released in the UK tomorrow.