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Empty weekend? Why not re-live the best of this week's gaming coverage? Here's our pick of the top three articles from each site on the CVG network. You never know, you might find one you missed.


Peter Moore Interview

Dante's Inferno Review

AvP Demo Goes Live

Official Xbox Magazine

What Mass Effect 2 Got Wrong

Mass Effect 2 And The Backwards DLC

The History of Final Fantasy

Official Nintendo Magazine

ONM Lift The Lid On Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Sonic The Hedgehog: His Story

Games That Aren't As Good As You Remember

Edge Online

Review: MAG

Review: Dante's Inferno

Launching Chime


Sonic 4 Trailer: 10 Things No Normal Person Would Spot

Franchises That Were Better Off Dead

10 Video Game Creatures That Would Make Awesome Pets