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Syndicate remake - first artwork

EA reboot seemingly confirmed by net image

The first piece of artwork for EA's heavily-rumoured Syndicate remake has appeared on the internet, via a concept artist's blog.

The reboot - tipped to be in development at Riddick studio, Starbreeze - has appeared on the internet before in the form of a supposed leaked script page from late last year.

We also exclusively reported back in 2008 that the Bullfrog game was indeed getting a current-gen makeover.


The piece of art here, which shows cybernetic characters holding futuristic guns, is of course the best confirmation yet. It's accompanied by images of other in-development and canned EA games including Road Rash and Oliver Twist.

Syndicate, in case you're under the age of 18, was released in 1993 and put players in charge of a militant global corporation, tasked with leading cyborg agents around a gritty cyberpunk world rescuing captured allies and assassinating rival syndicate executives. It was awesome.

There's no news on what genre the new game will take shape as, but we'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments below...