CVG: The week's best comments

The most entertaining crop of 2010 so far? We think so...

It's that time again, folks - when we showcase the most memorable quotes of the last seven days.

There's been plenty to get your teeth into, with PS3 Mass Effect 2 rumours, weight-shifting Wii addicts and dolled-up Trekkies all grabbing the headlines.

Did yours make the cut? More to the point, did we overlook any classics? Let us know below...

PS3 Mass Effect 2 - EA offers 'no comment'

"No idea what this game is about but the 360 fans have been banging on about it for ages so I'm sure it will be on PS3 before long."
BenStevens supposed ignorance is surely a red herring. Either that or he actually lives in LittleBigPlanet.

Warhammer 40K MMO 'could last seven years'

"Seven years?! You don't have to paint them all yourself, do you?"
Very good, BeauBeau. Very good indeed.

Dead Space 2 'more action than horror'

"So Dead Space 2 is to Dead Space 1 what Aliens is to Alien?"
Aussie Harrison writes EA's poster tagline for them.

"This makes me a sad panda."
Theaface gets emotional.

Star Trek Online cosplay event announced

"Woah, lock up your daughters people.....there's a busload of latex Klingons a-comin'!"
ParmaViolet is all too aware of the erotic lure of the Trekkie.

Dante's Inferno review

"Call me uncivil, but for me, seeing female genitalia never gets old."
sweatyBallacks makes a stand for feminism during the Dante's Inferno 'sexism' debate.

Quantum Theory slips

"If it doesn't feature cats in boxes in indeterminable states of mortality it shouldn't be called Quantum Theory."
John_Hill987 shows off his knowledge of classic thought experiment Schrödinger's cat. Back to the Sixth Form with you.

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"No. I do not have a facebook account and never will."
LeeFear1 gets in the spirit of things.

Woman loses 8st with WiiFit

"Let's hope her husband isn't a chubby chaser, otherwise their marriage is on the rocks."
Very caring of you,Roynluc.

"I'm down with a hunk or chunk of burning love, you know what they say, the bigger the cushion the sweeter the pushing. Wung."
khr0nik gives a message of 'solidarity' to the larger ladies.

"I would love to know if there's any evidence of obesity when all there was for us to eat was moose fur and soil, and not a fried chicken in sight.My guess is there wasn't."
altitude2k is making us hungry.

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