'Eidos to blame for Championship Manager Online closure'

Developer Jadestone points the finger at Square Enix-owned publisher

Championship Manager Online co-developer Jadestone has laid the blame for
the game's termination
squarely at the door of Eidos.

The news comes after swarms of CMO fans today wrote to CVG to express their upset at the game's demise.

A Jadestone rep said in a statement to the CMO community:

"We - at Jadestone - cannot talk about the decision to close the game, due to contractual obligations. We will not answer or comment any such questions.

"The game, the brand, the internet domain and the subscriptions are all owned by Eidos and the decision to cease the service is entirely theirs to make. The decision was made unilaterally by them, and we are not at liberty to comment on any reasoning.

"Finally, we only have one more thing to say:
Thank you, and we're sorry."

The company said three-month subscriptions to the game were not possible to sign or re-sign and that one-month subscriptions will cease to work on March 30th. However, all accounts that are premium on March 30th will be extended to April 30th.

CVG has contacted Eidos for comment.