Kojima: MGS to 'rediscover its fun'

But legendary dev says Peace Walker is 'not old-style gameplay'

Hideo Kojima has claimed that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will allow players to "rediscover the fun" of earlier MGS games - but reassured fans that the title doesn't dumb down the series.

Speaking in the latest issue of the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine, Kojima said creating the PSP title was a challenge to his team - who have spent more time working on PS2 and PS3.

When asked about the simple presentation of Rockstar's PSP release GTA: Chinatown Wars, Kojima replied:

"I am not aiming at old-style gameplay [for Peace Walker]. What I want to do is rediscover the basic fun of what MGS has to offer, and push the limit in a 3D form."

He added that his team were aiming to both push the PSP hardware and create a 'fresh, enjoyable experience' with Konami's Peace Walker.

On the difficulties of developing for PSP after his acclaimed PS3 work, Kojima commented:

"Most of the staff work on more sophisticated hardware, such as PS3 and you can't really do the same things [on PSP]. As a games designer it is really challenging, because you have to come up with ideas to overcome issues. There are many of these."

He added: "But there are good things on PSP, too. On the PS3, there was a massive workload, and I didn't have time to come up with new tricks.

"This time [we] could really concentrate on it. It may be good for the staff, too - stepping down on the technology and wringing out ideas to make the impossible, possible."

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is due for release later this year, following a delay which Hideo Kojima himself called "a crime".

He's right, you know: We can't wait.

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