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EA's Peter Moore Pt. 2

Interview: The EA Sports chief talks OnLive, PS3 motion control and Madden...

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Could OnLive end up drawing people away from their Xbox 360s and PS3s?
I think it might be a great complement to what they do. The concept of games, anywhere, anytime, any platform is going to be big business.

We're seeing that with our browser-based Tiger game [on PC] - and you're going to see a lot more of that from us in the coming years. It caters to people's lifestyles better than having to go home, fire up the console, have a HD TV and surround sound and take full advantage for an hour or two.

I love that and millions of people will keep on playing consoles at home - but also millions of people don't have the time or the money to do that, and still are sports fans. If you've got a PC, you've got a browser - and it's our job to use that to bring those experiences to them.

What do you make of the PS3 Motion Conrol - or 'Arc'. Isn't it just another Wiimote?
I've seen the technology working. I think it's going to be a great complement to what's out there. Sony will put their collective technology and marketing might behind it.

It's a different experience than Wii and we're watching it with great interest. As you might imagine, we're working on stuff - in particular on what sports can bring to it.

One thing we've learnt with the Wii is that we can afford [to spend time on building bespoke games]. The two that stand out in terms of authentic sports motion on Wii are golf and tennis. If you can capture that motion, that brings the game to life in a very unique way. We're looking at how we bring that sports credibility and authenticity to life with Sony's new platform.

Check back on CVG this week for the third and final part of our chat with Peter - in which he discusses 3D gaming and gives his view on Project Natal.

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