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Peter Molyneux: Natal as revolutionary as the PC mouse

But Fable developer says early Natal titles will be "the obvious stuff"

Fable developer Peter Molyneux believes that
Microsoft's Project Natal could prove to be as important to home technology as the PC mouse.

Molyneux said that the mouse revolutionised home computing - but that Natal "could end up [with developers] creating something we can't even imagine now".

However, the Lionhead boss predicted that day one Natal titles would be far less game-changing - forecasting they would be "the obvious stuff".

Molyneux has previously claimed that 2010 could be "gaming's biggest ever year" - with Natal at its core.

He told Gamereactor: "[A hardcore gamer's] brain can decipher the emotions through the controller, but for most other people who aren't used to the controller or find them frustrating, they don't even begin to get the same emotion.

"Maybe Natal is in a way more for them. But I'd say this: IF you're thinking Natal is going to give you another version of an FPS, you're just not thinking broadly enough. After all, it was the invention of the mouse that gave us computing as it is today - not the invention of the microprocessor. That's how we ended up controlling our PCs.

"The mouse was the real revolution of the PC - not the Intel processor. And who's to say Natal [couldn't] end up creating something you and I can't even imagine now. It forces us to approach technology in a completely different way. Before the mouse, we only had the keyboard... That one little £9.95 device changed everything about computing. And things like Natal can be a bigger change."

Molyneux added: "My personal opinion is that the first wave of titles [for Natal] that come out will be polished and really good, but they'll be the obvious stuff. Even when a new console comes out it takes [developers] a while to get our heads round it."

Molyneux demo'd his own Milo for Natal at E3 2009.