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Dante's Inferno review - 80% in PSM3

A rip-off... but a really good one, says mag

Another good review score for Dante's Inferno. PSM3 has given the title an 80 per cent score in its latest issue, which landed in the hands of subscribers over the weekend.

"There's no denying it - Dante's Inferno is a damn near carbon copy of God of War. It's shameless about it too," says the review.

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"As such, a rip-off like this deserves a scalding hot jug of scorn poured over it, right? Well, if it wasn't any good it would, but thankfully Dante's Inferno is bloody good fun." Which pretty much what we said in our Dante's Inferno review.

"The main problem with Dante's Inferno is that the excitement peaks halfway through. You'll play to the end to see what Dante's fate holds, but for the most part you won't care about his story because the cut-scenes and the dreary Virgil, fail to grab your attention," it adds.

But it does have "possibly the best boob rendering [PSM3's] ever seen in a game," in case you're still not convinced.

You can read the full review in the latest issue of PSM3, on sale Thursday. Buy your copy of PSM3 and have it delivered to your door.