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Aliens vs Predator demo hits 14k downloads on Live

Rebellion "really sorry" to PS3 owners for bug - as playable preview soars on Xbox 360

Rebellion's multiplayer Aliens vs Predator demo was downloaded 14,000 times on Xbox Live over the weekend - but the developer has told PS3 fans it is "really sorry" for a bug that left them unable to use the game's matchmaking system.

Rebellion released released an Aliens vs Predator demo patch patch on Friday to fix the matchmaking error on the PC version of the game - and told CVG today that it is working "as fast as possible" with Sony to patch the PS3 version.

However, the demo has really shone on Xbox Live, where it is carrying an impressive user rating.

Senior Producer Dave Brickley told CVG today:

"Just looking at how the demo's been rated on Xbox Live tells its own story - 14,000 downloads in a few days and an approval rating of 4.5/5, we're absolutely delighted with the response.

"Someone described it as being an Avatar day - people's perceptions were turned upside down but having had time to get to grips with the combat system and the three species the comments are almost humbling, they see what we've done is deliver something genuinely new and fresh, a real reason to stop playing what they are currently, and we just can't have asked for more than that - and they've only seen one mode.

"The way we went about it I think raised eyebrows - lack of the tutorial which you get with the single player meant it's initially a daunting prospect but we released a video which explains all the intricacies and that's helped people evangelise the system and in fact even help others learn it as they've returned to give it another go.

"The most gratifying aspect is seeing people totally get into the species themselves and just get lost in the experience, even working together as teams even though it's not a team mode that's on offer."

Discussing the PS3 problem, Brickley added:

"The one unforeseen issue was the matchmaking on PS3, that really came out of left field and we've still got Sony engineers helping us look into what is at fault. I understand why people question how it wasn't spotted sooner but we just can't replicate that kind of scale in normal testing.

"Had we left Create and Browse Games in there as with the full game the problem wouldn't have been so serious. Bottom line is we're really sorry to all those PS3 owners and are working as fast as possible to find a solution which will help them enjoy the demo too."