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Aliens vs Predator review - 8/10 in OXM

Title offers 'superb atmosphere', says UK's Official Xbox Magazine

The UK's Official Xbox Magazine has given Sega's Aliens Vs Predator a very healthy 8/10 - telling its readers the game offers 'superb atmosphere'.

The mag's review compliments developer Rebellion on 'clearly knowing the universe inside out', adding that the UK firm has created' an authentic an utterly terrifying Aliens experience'.

It adds: 'AvP isn't the prettiest game, but it has moments of striking scale and subtle detail that make it one of the most atmospheric.'

However, OXM notes that compared to the space marine missions, playing as Predator or an Alien is 'just not as good'.

'The alien is the weakest of the three,' it adds. 'It's difficult to fashion a narrative around an oversized, mindless insect.'

But don't let that put you off, AvP fans. Not only does the mag think the game offers a 'unique multiplayer' and 'the best bad guys around', but it writes: 'AvP is a nerve-shredding rollercoaster of a game and fans of the film will be more than satisfied.'

A bloody good game, then - and a bloody good read. The new OXM hits the shops this week.

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