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Rise of the Godslayer 'mount' footage released

Tigers, horses and wolves. Gotta mount 'em all

Funcom have just released some new material on 'Rise of the Godslayer', the upcoming expansion pack for the Age of Conan MMO and it's all about mounting.

The latest addition to the MMO is described as, "The fearsome wolf mount" which joins the horse and tiger in the mountable animal roster.

This video is no longer available

But players won't be able to just jump on a wolf and ride; Rise of the Godslayer makes players capture their animal as a cub and hand raise it first.

Lead Designer Joel Bylos explained the thinking behind this system: "Raising the mount from a cub and teaching it how to hunt, track and fight is a long process, and by the time players have proven themselves worthy of riding it a bond has been created. When you see players riding a tiger or a wolf you'll know that it is not just a right to do so, it's an earned privilege."

If wolf riding doesn't sell Rise of the Godslayer to you, we wrote a full on preview of the expansion yesterday. Check it out for full details.