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Tiger Woods Online video is in

PGA Tour Online that is - not another scandal

EA Sports have just released a trailer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online and we've got it in HD for you right here.

The graphics alone should leave the likes of Miniclip sweating a bit. They're console quality and streaming straight from the net so the game doesn't require a disk. In fact, it doesn't even require a download.

This video is no longer available

The trailer showcases a handful of world class golf courses and the fact that you need never play alone again, before showing a shower of golf balls (from all over the world we assume) bounce onto the green.

EA have stood firmly behind Woods since scandals in his personal life emerged in the press, despite speculation that the once squeaky clean sportsman might be dropped.

What are your thoughts? If the franchise keeps making ground-breaking moves like this one, does it even matter?