Aliens Vs. Predator Interview Pt. 2

Interview: Producer Dave Brickley on "not f****ing it up"

Making an Aliens Vs Predator game is a mammoth task. Not only does it have to sit well with the fans that are precious about every morsel of detail in the original Aliens and Predator movies (the good ones), but it also has to live up the previous classic AVP game.

CVG recently sat down Dave Brickley, the senior producer of Rebellion's new-age Aliens Vs Predator, to discuss how they went about achieving these lofty goals, how they balanced a game with three vastly different characters, how it can survive against the might shooter of shooters, Modern Warfare 2, and what's in store for the future.

Here's the second half of our chat with Mr. Brickley (you can read part one here):

Are you worried that the much-criticised AVP films could be doing damage to the AVP franchise? Could this have a negative affect on the game?

You have to accept it will colour people's perceptions, but in a sense I don't know how much of a worry that should be - for all I know the youngsters who've seen the movies really like them, whereas older folks like me will approach it knowing something of the old game and the source material.

On the other hand, the game's proved phenomenally popular with many magazines featuring it on their front covers - I think it's something of a record for Sega. We've had massive interest from regular consumer press, movie and sci-fi magazines.

So bottom line is I think people just desperately want us not to f**k up the opportunity. No pressure.

Have you experimented at all with the motion control technology coming from Sony and MS this year? Any plans to work with them?

It doesn't feature in this game and as you can imagine we've been rather busy! But like any gamer I'm excited about the prospect of adding a new dimension to the medium. The Wii showed it can add something totally different that's not just tacked on. Not in every case obviously.

How well do you think the motion control devices can cater to hardcore gaming?

Well there's a fundamental issue with them as regards the type of experience they suit - if you design an epic FPS with hour upon hour of game play its fine to sprawl on the sofa with your controller. But if it meant bounding around the room like Wii Sports most people will last about 10 minutes. So intrinsically I think you're talking about designing the experience to match the expected input, which is fine. The trick is to make it enjoyable and something you can't get any other way.

Wii got people who don't play games playing games - quite an achievement. It's doubtless that's the goal behind the new technology [from Sony and Microsoft], but it's going to have to be equally innovative in how it's used. Not just the obligatory Animal Hospital: Petting Zoo sim.

Could motion control support be added to AVP (as has been done with LittleBigPlanet and Resident Evil 5)?

Yeah, it certainly could. What do you think, would people like to actually rip out someone's spine with their bare hands?

3D TVs are arriving this summer. Many games, particularly from Sony, are being retrofitted to support it. Have you considered/looked into the possibility of supporting 3D with AVP (on consoles)?

Yes, we've seen some very interesting advances in those areas, in respect of pushing PC hardware as far as we can with DirectX 11 features it looks simply stunning. But as for the mass market it will be a while before people can be convinced to trade in their TVs en masse I think. Well, maybe the next world cup.