CVG's weekly digest

Another look at the week's highlights...

At the end of such a busy week it's possible that your brain could have over-flowed with gaming goodness. Here's a list of the week's highlights, just to make up for any over-spill.


Peter Moore Interview part 3.

Bioshock 2 Review

Heavy Rain

Official Xbox Magazine

Why Splinter Cell Conviction Will Rock

Halo Legend: Frank O'Connor speaks

10 Things You Must Try In Bioshock 2

Official Nintendo Magazine

New Pokemon Revealed

Why do guys play games more than girls?

History of Mario: 1999-2000

Edge Online

Review: Bioshock 2

Review: Darwinia

Time Extend: Space Channel 5 part 2


Game Inspired Sexual Positions

9 Horribly Embarrassing Ways To Die In A Videogame

The Top 7 Failed Futures Of Gaming