Butt-guns in Halo Legends?

Guns in "unexpected places" in Halo anime, says former Astro Boy designer

Halo Legends, the forthcoming Halo-based anime series, will have some surprises in store for fans of the series, says Shinji Aramaki, designer on the 'The Package' episode of the seven-part anime series.

When asked about any secrets in store in 'The Package', Aramaki replied: "The viewers will find out that a machine gun turret can come out from a very unexpected place." No, seriously.

Now consider that Aramaki was a designer for the (awesome) Astro Boy anime series, and you know what Astro Boy's special hidden weapon is, right? If you don't, watch the short clip below of the new animated film...

Literally bad-ass. Check out the full interview with anime legend Shinji Aramki right here.