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Vancouver 2010

Hardly captures the Olympic spirit

You can usually rely on an Olympic tie-in game to stink up your console, and in this respect, Vancouver 2010 doesn't disappoint. Capturing almost none of the excitement of the actual winter Olympics, this collection of snow-themed mini-games is a sterile mess.

Things start badly. You're offered the chance to choose your nationality, but beyond that there's absolutely nothing that lets you customise your experience. Come on guys - even a basic face-creation tool would have been better than shoving us into the skin-tight suits of Mr and Mrs Generic during every event. After nationality selection you're confronted with a list of seemingly random Olympic events. You can play through them in order, or randomly, but they all feel very separate; there's no sense that they all belong to the same competition. Oh, and - out of the 14 events - only about eight or nine are worth playing at all. Nine mini-games for £50? Hmmm. No thanks, mate.

As with any collection of mini-games, Vancouver is more enjoyable when played with friends, but it's more a case of sharing
the apathy. Aside from that, and the soulless single-player, there are a handful of challenges (reach a certain speed in the Two-Man Bobsleigh) to tackle and, er, that's it.

The verdict

A cynical, sterile attempt to fl og cash out of Ski Sunday fans.

PlayStation 3