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Motion control 'too exhausting' for Final Fantasy

Square Enix not keen on Natal/Wand spin-offs

Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase has told CVG he thinks motion control wouldn't work for a Final Fantasy game - because it would be "too exhausting".

"These new type of controllers are very interesting, but we're not sure that people would like to spend up to 100 hours playing a conventional Final Fantasy title with these type of controllers," Kitase told us.

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"It could be too exhausting if you were always swinging a sword around for battles. So we will have to see what the future holds," he added.

We played Zelda: Twilight Princess for 60 hours on Wii with no problems. Just saying.

LittleBigPlanet. WipEout HD and Resident Evil 5 will be among the numerous games getting motion control updates for PS3's wand later this year.

Kitase recently also told CVG, in response to FFXIII reviews, that the FF team "try not to listen to the critics too much".

Check back later this week for the full interview with Kitase on CVG.