Burnout Paradise PSN bundles

All the DLC (that's a lot) in one package

Criterion Games has given details on two new bundles for its agro-racer Burnout Paradise. They might not be making any more DLC for it, but they're still pushing it.

As explained on the dev's website, "For a limited time only there are two incredible value deals for you to get your hands on Burnout Paradise and the entire package of downloadable content that we've released since launch.

"Purchasing all of these packs individually would cost over $100 but act fast as this amazing offer is only available for a very limited time."

Here are the deals, which are coming to a Euro PSN near you "soon".

Burnout Paradise Complete Edition ($29.99)

For those of you yet to sample the award winning Burnout Paradise you can get the full game and every piece of the premium downloadable content released for an incredible price of just $29.99. The complete edition includes:

- Burnout Paradise Full Game with all free updates including Paradise Bikes and a full day/night cycle
- Big Surf Island - All new Island to explore complete with the Dust Storm Buggy, new races, stunt runs and collectables to discover.
- Party Pack - Pass-the-pad family fun for 2-8 players
- Time Savers - Unlock all the cars and bikes in the original game.
- Legendary Cars Collection - The Flying Jansen 88 Special, Awesome sounding Manhattan Spirit, Superb Cavalry Bootlegger and of course the GT Nighthawk.
- Toys Collection - The Fan-favourites in extra special toy form. Small but virtually indestructible.
- Boost Specials - If you're serious about competing, these are the cars for you. Multi-boost technology in the Hawker Mech and the Infinite Boost power of the Extreme Hot Rod
- Cops and Robbers - Take to the streets to chase down the gold as either Cops or Robbers in this new Online Game Mode. Includes All New Police liveries for all your favourite burnout cars.

Burnout Paradise Complete DLC Bundle ($19.99)

This is the one to get for all of you excited about the range of add-ons to Burnout Paradise but have yet to take the plunge.
Get all of our premium downloadable packs for this super value price.

- Big Surf Island
- Party Pack
- Time Savers
- Legendary Cars Collection
- Toys Collection
- Cops and Robbers
- Boost Specials