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MS: "Xbox 360 has the most exclusives"

Aaron Greenberg lays down the gauntlet to PS3

Ready for this? Aaron Greenberg has said that no other console has more exclusive content than Xbox 360.

"There's no other platform that offers more exclusives," he explained in an interview with OXM and CVG.

"Obviously there are going to be great games on the PlayStation 3, and we respect that, but our goal is to have the most blockbuster titles and the most exclusives and I think we clearly have that this year."

Greenberg went on: "It's going to be a big year for us. And not just for core games, but what we're going to do with Xbox Live, we're going to bring Project Natal this holiday."

This comes hours after strong words from Sony man Rob Dyer has done the rounds, claiming PS3 is "better for our publishing community" than 360, and laying into MS's lack of first party devs.

Let the lists and comments begin...