Ace Attorney director surprised by success

Shu Takumi didn't think they'd be released in the West

Ace Attorney director, Shu Takumi wasn't expecting the Phoenix Wright games to be released in the West at all, he told ONM.

Speaking in a recent interview, Takumi said: "The Ace Attorney franchise is a materialised form of my ideals of the mystery genre. I am also a big fan of courtroom drama so I knew the first Ace Attorney would be a good game but... I wasn't expecting it to be this popular - I didn't even dream of a day Phoenix Wright went abroad!"

The first Phoenix Wright game was released on DS in 2006. It was a conversion of the GBA game Gyakuten Saiban, originally released in Japan in 2001.

Since then, there have been two more Phoenix Wright games, a spin off called Apollo Justice and Wright's old adversary Miles Edgeworth will be making his debut in Ace Attorney Investigations this Friday.

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